About Us

Icily is a professional services business offering sales and consulting of video & production equipment to the live events, broadcast & houses of worship market.

The company was founded in 2019 by industry veteran, Shaun Brickell who was soon joined by respected media and content creator, Craig Parrott.  It wasn’t long before the duo had secured over 20 of the top global broadcast brands and then started to sign distribution agreements with other great international partners.

The team are quickly growing to ensure that all the focus and attention you need is just a call away.

Our brands now include the likes of, BlackMagic Design, Canon, Panasonic, Fujinon, Sony, Olympus, HollyLand Technologies, Neutrik, Sommer Cabling, Shure, Sennheiser, Yamaha, StagePlus, Libec, Benro, Manfrotto, Sonnet, Midas, Came-TV, Feelworld and Sandisk to mention but a few.


Meet the Team

Shaun Brickell
Managing Director
Craig Parrott
Creative Director
Mlu Makhanya
Technical Sales