Blackmagic PYXIS 6K
Blackmagic PYXIS 6K
Blackmagic PYXIS 6K

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Blackmagic PYXIS 6K

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The Blackmagic Design PYXIS 6K Cinema Box Camera takes the digital film innovations of the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 6K and turns it into a box-style cinema camera with a native Leica L lens mount with customizable side plates. A full-frame 6K sensor captures rich colors, accurate skin tones, and a wide 13-stop dynamic range with its expanded 36 x 24mm sensor. Record both Blackmagic RAW and H.265 proxy files to the cloud or even stream directly to your social media platform of choice via Ethernet or mobile 4G/5G technology. The PYXS can film up to 6K Open Gate 3:2 video at 36 fps or 6K Anamorphic 6:5 video at 60 fps, among other selectable resolutions.

Large-Format Digital Film Sensor

The PYXIS is equipped with a massive 24 x 36mm full-frame sensor with native 6048 x 4032 resolution, making it 3x larger than a Super35 sensor. This allows you to shoot with a shallow depth of field or use anamorphic lenses without cropping for a true cinematic look. A 13-stop dynamic range with dual-native ISO up to 25,600 ensures low-noise imagery in all lighting conditions. Shoot up to 36 fps at full sensor resolution or 120 fps windowed.

Flexible Film Formats

Work in a variety of film formats and aspect ratios without sacrificing quality, thanks to the large sensor. At its full area, the sensor provides you with Open Gate 3:2 images for easier framing in post-production. You can also work in true 6:5 anamorphic without needing to crop for widescreen cinematics. Use a Super35-sized window to create a close-up version of your shot.

Multiple Resolutions and Frame Rates

Shoot in standard video resolutions and frame rates from HD to 6K or still images at 24.6 MP using the PYXIS. For higher frame rates, you can window the center and shoot up to 100 fps at 212 x 1184 Super 16. Other options include 6K Open Gate 3:2 at 36 fps, 4832 x 4032 anamorphic at 24 fps, and 1920 x 1080 at 120 fps, among other resolutions.

HDR Imagery and Dual-Native ISO

A wide 13-stop dynamic range preserves more detail in both the lightest and darkest areas of your image. Set the exposure for an indoor scene while still retaining details in the bright outdoor light coming through a window. An expanded color range and included DaVinci Resolve Studio code give you creative freedom over the look of your footage. Dual-native ISO up to 25,600 minimizes grain and noise in your images while maintaining the full dynamic range of the sensor. ISO 400 is ideal for on-set lighting configurations, while ISO 3200 is perfect for dimly lit environments. The gain is automatically set as you adjust your ISO for intuitive control.

Customize Your Gear

Mounting threads on the side of the PYXIS allow you to secure additional mounting plates and customize your gear configuration. The standard plate included with the PYXIS secures via M4 threads and adds two 1/4"-20 threads and one 3/8"-16 thread to the camera for microphones, articulating arms, or other accessories. An SSD plate offers two hook-and-loop straps for attaching a USB-C drive or mobile device, allowing you to directly record or live stream on the go. A separately available Rosette plate can be purchased for further expansion.

LCD Monitor and Onboard Controls

  • Use the built-in 4" LCD touchscreen to monitor and review your shots on set. Its full HD resolution allows you to frame and focus without requiring an additional external unit. A maximum brightness of 1500 cd/m² ensures visibility even in bright sunlit conditions. On-screen overlays show status and recording parameters, histograms, levels, frame guides, and 3D LUTS, among other tools.
  • Onboard controls allow you to toggle functions like ISO, white balance, and shutter with ease. A scroll wheel makes quick adjustments, and three customizable function buttons can tailor your workflow to your preference. The controls can be locked to avoid accidental pressing during shooting.

Post-Production File Formats

The PYXS records in Blackmagic RAW to preserve control of detail, exposure, and color during post-production. It also records H.264 proxy files in real time for easy sharing using the Blackmagic Cloud, Ethernet connection, or by connecting 5G/4G mobile phones to the USB-C port for mobile connection. Media files work on all operating systems.

Multiple Recording Options

Two built-in CFExpress Type-B card slots and a USB-C expansion port allow you to record directly to external flash media disks or SSDs.

Built-In SRT and RTMP Live Streaming

Live stream directly from the PYXIS on set to a secondary location via SRT and RTMP protocols. Compatible platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and X can support signals from the PYXIS for live event production. If you want to share internally, use an ATEM Streaming Bridge for a wireless link back to the studio.

Expansive Connectivity

  • The front of the PYXIS boasts a USB-C port for the Blackmagic URSA Cine EVF and a mini 3-pin XLR analog audio input with +48V Phantom power for microphone integration.
  • The back of the PYXIS has a headphone monitoring jack and an additional 3.5mm microphone input. Use the USB-C port at the back of the camera to connect to recording devices or mobile data. A 12G-SDI output integrates a secondary monitor. A Reference/Timecode input port syncs your sources while an RJ45 Ethernet connection uploads footage to Blackmagic Cloud or controls the camera.
  • Power the PYXIS using the locking 2-pin DC power connector or the Sony BP-U battery plate.
  • Download the Blackmagic Camera Control app for wireless Bluetooth control from up to 30' away.

Key Features

  • Full Frame 6K Sensor
  • Up to 6K36 fps Open Gate / 6K Anamorphic
  • 13-Stop Dynamic Range, Dual-Native ISO
  • Leica L Lens Mount
  • 4" HDR LCD Touchscreen
  • Records Blackmagic RAW and H.264 Proxies
  • Built-In Streaming via Ethernet or 4G/5G
  • Switchable Side Plates, Mounting Threads
  • Two CFexpress Card Slots, USB-C Port
  • Ethernet and 12G-SDI Ports

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