Godox VDS-M2 Supercardioid Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

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Godox VDS-M2 Supercardioid Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

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Godox VDS-M2 Supercardioid Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

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The Godox VDS-M2 is a camera-mounted shotgun microphone for live streamers, videographers, vloggers, and mobile journalists looking for a microphone that provides higher-quality sound capture than their device’s built-in mic. The mic provides a powerful feature set allowing you to tailor the sound to your needs. Offering both 3.5mm and USB audio outputs, plus three cables to allow proper hook up to your camera, portable audio recorder, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The mic features a supercardioid pickup pattern that focuses audio capture on the subject reducing unwanted background sound. A dial on the rear of the mic allows you to set a precise input volume, while engaging the -20 dB pad allows the mic to handle louder sources. The safety track option outputs a second audio track to your recording device at a -20 dB lower volume, giving you a backup in case the main output level is too hot.
Unwanted low-end rumbles can be reduced via the high-pass filter with settings at 75 and 150 Hz, while the high-frequency boost switch can be engaged to add presence for more intelligible dialog. The VDS-M2 runs on a built-in rechargeable battery for approximately 25 hours and mounts to your camera’s shoe mount using a shock-absorbing mount that reduces vibrations and handling noise for cleaner recordings. An included foam windscreen helps to further reduce noise.
Directional Sound Pickup
Featuring a highly directional pickup pattern with a super-flat response and low self-noise, the VDS-M2 is designed to deliver clear, natural sound without any colouration. The supercardioid pickup pattern helps to focus audio capture on the subject in front of the camera, reducing unwanted background noise.
Tailor the Sound to Your Needs
With a variable gain control from 1 to 15, you can tailor the input level very precisely. Additional useful and convenient features to help you get high-quality recordings include a high-pass filter (with 75 Hz and 150 Hz options), -20 dB pad, high-frequency boost, safety channel, and dB peak warning light. Conveniently, all the settings will be saved for you—even after the mic is turned off.
Two Outputs for Versatile Connections & Monitoring
Equipped with a USB Type-C output and an auto-sensing 3.5mm output, the VDS-M2 microphone can work seamlessly with your camera, DSLR, computer, and mobile phone. TRRS, TRS, and USB Type-C cables are supplied to connect to your preferred device. When the mic is plugged into your computer, tablet, or smartphone via the USB output, the 3.5mm output will automatically transform into a headphone output for real-time audio monitoring.
Detachable Shock mount
The included shock mount effectively prevents unwanted vibrational noise caused by body movements and device operations. At the bottom of the shock mount is a cold shoe mount which easily attaches the mic to your camera.
Rechargeable Battery
The VDS-M2 is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 25 hours on a charge.
Foam Windscreen for Outdoor Shoots
The included foam windscreen aids in reducing wind noise while protecting the mic from weather and dust.

Key Features

  • • Suitable for Mobile Journalists, Vloggers, Run & Gun
  • • Compatibility: Cameras, Mobile Devices & Recorders
  • • Supercardioid Picks Up Less Background noise
  • • Gain Control & High-Frequency Boost
  • • High-Pass Filter at 75 or 150 Hz
  • • -20 dB Pad & -20 dB Safety Output
  • • 3.5mm Audio Output Jack
  • • TRS, TRRS, and USB Type-C Cables
  • • Shoe Shock mount & Foam Windscreen
  • • 25-Hour Built-In Rechargeable Battery

In The Box

  • • Godox VDS-M2 Supercardioid Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone
  • • Shock mount with Camera-Shoe Mount
  • • Foam Windscreen
  • • 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Cable for Camera
  • • 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS Cable for Mobile Device
  • • USB-Type C Cable
  • • Limited 2-Year Godox SA Warranty

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