On-Stage Passive DI Box


On-Stage Passive DI Box

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On-Stage Passive DI Box

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Connect the stereo outputs of your computer, mobile device, DJ mixer, or keyboard directly to a single mic preamp with the On-Stage DB1050 passive multimedia DI box. Thanks to its stereo-to-mono design, it adapts stereo high-impedance, line-level signals from the 1/4" TS, 3.5mm TRS, or RCA coaxial input jacks to one low-impedance, mic-level XLR output. Alternatively, use the 3-pin XLR input to bring in a mono line- or instrument-level input. By converting your signal from unbalanced to balanced, it allows longer cable runs, less noise, and proper compatibility with mic inputs.

Dedicated RCA thru jacks provide an unbalanced pass-through for easy connection to a DJ/monitor mixer or secondary recorder. Flip the -15 dB pad switch to prevent distortion when accepting high-output sources, and utilize the ground-lift switch to rid your signal of hum from ground loops. Since the DB1050 is a passive direct box, it requires no batteries, power cables, or AC adapters. It features a durable metal housing with protective nylon bumpers, making it equally well suited for constant use in the studio, on stage, or at home.

  • Ideal for connecting the stereo output of a keyboard, computer, smartphone, DJ mixer, or CD player to the mono input of a mixing console, audio interface, or outboard mic preamp
  • Transforms unbalanced line- or instrument-level input signal to balanced, low-impedance, mic-level output signal
  • Isolated stereo 1/4" TS, 3.5mm TRS, and RCA inputs
  • Mono XLR input with switchable line/Hi-Z level
  • Selectable -15 dB pad prevents distortion when accepting high-output sources
  • Balanced 3-pin XLR male output socket for direct connection to a microphone preamp or mixer channel
  • RCA thru jacks provide an unbalanced split to a DJ mixer or redundant recorder
  • Ground-lift switch eliminates hum caused by problematic ground loops

Key Features

  • Route a Laptop/Smartphone to a Mic Input
  • Connect a Stereo Keyboard to a Mic Input
  • Converts Line/Hi-Z Level to Mic Level
  • Adapts Unbalanced Hi-Z to Balanced Lo-Z
  • 3.5mm TRS, 1/4" TS, RCA & XLR Inputs
  • Balanced 3-Pin XLR Output
  • Stereo RCA Thru Jacks
  • Ground-Lift Switch & -15 dB Pad
  • Passive Design Requires No Power Source
  • Durable Metal Housing with Nylon Bumpers

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