Axxent WT100 Radio Interface
Axxent WT100 Radio Interface
Axxent WT100 Radio Interface


Axxent WT100 Radio Interface

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Axxent WT100 Radio Interface

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The interface model WT100 is used to connect the axxent intercom line with two-way radio devices (walkie-talkies). The WT100 is suitable for all such wireless models equipped with connectors for an external microphone and headset. Herewith a communication is established between the stationary intercom system at the venue and the personnel with walkie-talkies on location.

The WT100 derives its voltage supply from the axxent intercom system. The send and receive levels are adjustable separately. A red overload-LED indicates excessive receive signal and helps to set the correct level. The walkie-talkie is attached via a standard DB-9 connector and can accommodate virtually any type of radio. The integration of the interface WT100 with the axxent party-line intercom system is via standard XLR connectors (male/female).

A rugged steel case and high quality components and connectors ensure a long trouble free performance and durability.

Technical Note
The WT100 derives its voltage supply from the axxent intercom system. Send- and receive signals are indicated by colour LEDs. The individual levels may be adjusted separately with the trim potentiometers "Level". The red LED "Ovl" indicated excessive receive level and thereby facilitates the level adjustment. The type of the connected microphone cartridge is brought in line by the right hand three position switch ("Dyn" = dynamic, "Carb" = Carbon and "Elect" = Electret condenser). Connecting with the radio device is via a standard DB-9 connector on the rear of the unit.
Hint: Optional adapter cables WT100AC for connection of the wireless devices are normally supplied open ended since the connectors vary to a high degree.

Key Features

  • microphone emulation - electret/carbon, dynamic (selectable via switch on front)
  • microphone level - carbon +10 dBu, electret -20 dBu, dynamic -36 dBu additionally adjustable via potentiometer "Send Level"
  • monitor level (head-/earphone) - adjustable via potentiometer "Receive Level"
  • talk button
  • supply voltage - 20 - 30 V (derived from axxent intercom system)
  • current consumption - idle <30 mA, transmitting 60 mA
  • connectors - XLR male/female, DB-9F
  • adaptor cable to radio device - WT100AC optional. DB9 connector, 1,5 m cable, open wire ends complete device related connection solutions upon request
  • dimensions - 88 x 44 x 123 mm (w x h x d)

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