Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G
Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G
Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G

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Support a mix of multiple video formats using the Videohub 120x120 12G Zero-Latency Video Router from Blackmagic Design. This advanced router provides 120 x 12G-SDI inputs and 120 x 12G-SDI outputs for routing any combination of SD, HD, UHD 4K, and DCI 4K video. The Videohub 120x120 12G centralizes all your SDI cables in one hub, enabling you to connect any video input to any video output, or a single video input to multiple video outputs while eliminating clusters of cables and the need for complex diagrams. This versatile unit can be used with multiple HyperDeck recorders for redundant mastering to route video to multiple streaming processors for all your broadcast platforms or to add extra inputs to an ATEM switcher.

12G-SDI Multi-Rate Connections

  • Multi-rate 12G-SDI connections enable you to route up to 120 different video standards at the same time.
  • Supports up to DCI 4K60 video resolutions.
  • Provides 4:2:2 8 or 10-bit color routing in any standard.
  • Works with 4:4:4 12-bit SDI up to DCI 4K30 for feature films.

SDI Reclocking

  • Reclocking on every 12G-SDI input regenerates the signal, providing the maximum video quality.
  • Reduces or eliminates signal loss and jitter when using longer cables that can degrade the signal.

Front-Panel Controls

  • A sleek front panel offers multiple control options.
  • Buttons include assignable shortcuts and In, Out, Clear, and Take buttons.
  • The machined metal spin knob provides precise control using an electronic clutch.

Optional Hardware Control Panels

  • Can be used with optional hardware panels for easier control when components are spaced out in large facilities.
  • Compatible with both the Videohub Master Control Pro and the Videohub Smart Control Pro. 
  • The Videohub Master Control Pro is similar to the front panel and has a spin knob, LCD, and shortcut buttons.
  • The Videohub Smart Control Pro model features an all-button design and is generally programmed, so the panel controls a single router output with each button programmed to a router input, enabling you to cut along the panel buttons to change the router output instantly.

Flexible Router Control

The macOS, iPad, and Windows-compatible Videohub Software Control provides easy-to-use touchscreen router control. This software features large buttons that are easy to press, and you can run it on the computers you're already using for creative work. Each button can be customized to a router input or a router output, and it has an icon assigned to help you identify it visually.

Setup Utility and SDK

Use the Videohub Setup software to get started or the SDK to add protocol support for broadcast automation systems.

Built-In LCD

  • View your live input before routing the signal on the built-in 5" LCD screen.
  • Bottom labels enable you to scroll through your sources in alphabetical order.
  • Eliminates the need to add an external SDI monitor to your setup.

Multiple Language Support

Customized support is available in:


  • English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Spanish, German, French, Russian
  • Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian

Key Features

  • 120 x 12G-SDI Inputs & 120 x Outputs
  • Zero-Latency Routing Switcher
  • Supports up to DCI 4K60 Video
  • Combines SD, HD, UHD 4K & DCI 4K Video
  • 4:2:2 & 4:4:4 Video Sampling Supported
  • Push-Button, Knob & Ethernet Control
  • SDI Reclocking, Standard BNC Connectors
  • 32 Channels of Embedded Audio
  • Mac, Windows, iPad Router Control
  • Separate Connector Rows for Easy Repair

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